Tomb of Abraham

The cave of machpelah

Cave of the Patriarchs

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The cave of Machpelah is located in Hebron, in the southern West Bank.
It is considered to be the oldest and most sacred site in the world.
According to tradition, the cave is the burial place of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.
It has been a place of pilgrimage for Jews, Christians, and Muslims for centuries.

The cave of machpelah is located in hebron

The Cave of Machpelah is located in Hebron, which is a city in Palestine.
The cave is also known as the Tomb of the Patriarchs, and it is considered to be a holy site for Muslims, Jews, and Christians alike.
Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Sarah, Rebecca, and Leah are all buried in the cave.

the cave of machpelah

What we know about the cave

The Cave has been a place of conflict for centuries.
In 1267 the Crusaders built a church over the cave and it was later converted into a mosque after being conquered by Muslims in 1267.
It was then turned back into a church when Christians took control of Jerusalem in 1187 before being reconverted to a mosque after Ottoman forces conquered Jerusalem in 1517.

The cave is located near the Tomb of Abraham on Mount Moriah, which was originally called “Haram.”
The word Machpelah means “a large piece of land or property.”
The cave is said to have been purchased by Abraham as a family burial plot and it was used for this purpose until 1948.

It is considered to be the burial site of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Sarah, Rebecca and Leah.
The cave has been venerated by Jews, Christians and Muslims for centuries and is today a popular tourist destination.

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