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Jordan bridge

Israel, Jordan Unveil Bridge for Cooperation

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Israel Jordan Bridge is one of the most important crossings in the region, connecting the two countries and facilitating trade.
The bridge has been a key part of the relationship between Israel and Jordan for many years, and has helped to strengthen ties between the two nations.
The bridge is also an important transportation link for the region, and helps to connect Israel with other countries in the Middle East.


Introduction: The Jordan Bridge

The Jordan Bridge is a bridge that connects the two countries of Israel and Jordan.
It is an important symbol of peace between the two nations and has been used for trade and travel for many years.
The bridge is also a popular tourist destination, offering beautiful views of both countries.


Jordan Bridge


History: The Jordan Bridge’s Construction

The Jordan Bridge, also known as the Allenby Bridge, spans the Jordan River between Israel and Jordan.
The bridge was commissioned in 1919 by the British Mandate for Palestine and completed in 1926.
It is a multi-span steel arch bridge with a total length of 943 meters.
The bridge has been rebuilt and widened several times, most recently in 2003.


The Jordan Bridge’s Importance

The Jordan Bridge is one of the most important bridges in Israel, as it connects Tel Aviv with Jerusalem.
The bridge was completed in 1918 and spans the Jordan River.
The bridge is also known as the Allenby Bridge, after General Edmund Allenby who captured Jerusalem from the Ottoman Empire during World War I.

The Jordan Bridge is a crucial transportation link for Israelis and Palestinians, and has been a target for terrorist attacks over the years.
In 1997, two Palestinian suicide bombers detonated explosives on the bridge, killing 16 people and injuring more than 100 others.

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